Administrative and Constitutional Law

What does it consist of?

Bufete Buades’ Administrative and Constitutional Law practice area advises clients on the legal relations between companies or private individuals and the public administration.

How does our firm manage your labour issues?

Aware of the need for relations with the public administration to be managed effectively, we facilitate those dealings and ensure that our clients’ rights and interests are upheld when confronted with the administration’s far-reaching powers.

Specialist legal advice

  • Advice for public and private entities, incorporating analysis of forthcoming administrative regulations that could have consequences for their activities
  • Sector-specific advice including administrative, consumer and pharmaceutical law, in addition to coastal and near-shore matters. Studies of regulations, procedures, administrative franchises, licences, permits and special administrative requirements.
  • Public procurement
  • Administrative grants and subsidies
  • Infringement proceedings
  • Presentation of all types of administrative legal opinions and briefs
  • Legal management of all types of proceedings and appeals in administrative and contencious-administrative proceedings
  • Public administration liability
  • Appeals for constitutional protection against violation of fundamental rights
  • Reports on the constitutionality of laws and other legally binding provisions
  • Proposing questions of constitutionality in courts and tribunals to be brought before the Constitutional Court, at the behest of the party to a proceeding