Credit and Bankruptcy Law

What does it consist of?

Bufete Buades’ Credit and Bankruptcy Law practice area assists all kinds of business and private clients in claims for monies owed in insolvency situations.

How does our firm manage your labour issues?

We put our extensive experience and proven reputation to work to achieve the quickest possible results.
Together with our continual investment in technology and computer software, we are ideally equipped to guarantee the expedition of procedures in our clients’ interests.

Specialist legal advice

  • Claims for monies owed on all kinds of payment documents, including invoices, promissory notes, bills of exchange and cheques.
  • Filing bankruptcy proceedings in a client’s interest, or intervening in proceedings in which questions affecting a client may be resolved, filing any incidents and claims that may arise.
  • Negotiation of out-of-court debt settlements and payment agreements, acknowledgement of debts, formalisation of guarantees and any other agreements for the purpose of documenting debtor and creditor positions and establishing a settlement.