International Desk

What does it consist of?

Bufete Buades’ Foreign Investments practice area offers a comprehensive advisory service on investments made by legal and natural persons from other countries, working mainly in the sphere of commercial and civil international law, and the recognition and enforcement of judicial rulings, among other aspects.

How does our firm manage your labour issues?

The International Desk is composed of lawyers and administrative staff who combine their skills in legal practice with proficiency in German and English, among other languages, ensuring that clients enjoy the proximity of consultation in their own language.

Our multidisciplinary and highly specialised legal team is at the forefront in the sector and has advised international companies investing in Spain for many years. Our practice is especially strong on foreign investment, principally in the tourism, property and building, commercial and corporate areas of the law. We tackle all aspects, ranging from the purchase and construction of all types of properties to incorporating and maintaining commercial companies.