‘More Personal’ with Francisca Tinschert

mas-personal-francisca-tinschertHoy conoceremos en primera persona a Francisca Tinschert, firsthand, a member of the International Desk team at Bufete Buades. Her personal tastes, preferences and even favorite lifestyle, are some of her revelations. Let’s get started:

A color

“Granny Smith” apple green, but lately I am finding orange appealing.

The ideal breakfast is…

Clearly, the one I make every Saturday and Sunday. A boiled egg, a slice of seeded bread with sausage and fresh avocado, and another slice with Nutella (I prefer Nuspli) or honey, good coffee, fresh orange juice, on my terrace with my family. The important thing is to have time to talk.

The best time of day

When I wake up, because I still have all the day ahead of me. I love being with my daughter early in the morning, and having a moment to ourselves with my husband before starting the day myself.

A place to get lost

I make that place myself. I put my favorite DJ on shuffle, stroll through the mountains around S’Arraco, and my mind and imagination take me to all the places I want to go.

The best advice you have ever been given

“Do not forget who you are.” With this in mind I always find a way to face the day with confidence, joy and calm.

A book, a movie and a song

“Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family”, by Thomas Mann
“Memento”, directed by Christopher Nolan
“Las Mañanitas”, with mariachis and played on my birthday.

When you think of happiness, what images go through your mind?

A Sunday of kayaking with my family; we go from cove to cove or to Sa Dragonera to find a perfect spot to get out, have a picnic, take a swim while jumping from the rocks.

Your funniest office anecdote

Just after joining the company, I drove with two friends to the summer dinner organized by the office. The girls put on the radio, and for the 30 minutes it took to arrive, they sang along with all the songs. I was impressed to see how well they knew them and it confirmed my personal theory that the Spanish are passionate about singing.

A dream to fulfill

Sleep in an ice hotel, walk around Machu Picchu, see the pyramids, visit Jerusalem, photoshoot a kangaroo, and eat all the typical Asian dishes, so that when the whole list is finished, there will be nothing left to dream about.