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She graduated in Social Education from the University of the Balearic Islands (2011), having studied the last year in Buenos Aires (Argentina) through an international study programme.

She obtained her degree in law from the University of the Balearic Islands (2018).

Thereafter, she completed a Master’s Degree for Admission to the Bar at Pompeu Fabra University – School of Management in Barcelona (2019).

She worked for 6 years as a social education teacher within the non-profit sector, which she combined with her legal studies, including a work placement at the Balearic Islands Public Prosecutor’s Office for Minors.

Her first contact with Bufete Buades took place while on her work placement in the master’s programme, and she has remained connected with the firm to this day. Her training as a social education teacher enables her to have a global vision of family law, which is one of her areas of expertise.

One of her passions is travelling, having travelled through much of South East Asia. Another of her favourite locations is the beach, where she loves to walk all year round, whilst reading a good book is one of her calmer passions.



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