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Marta Rossell Garau

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English

Areas: Civil Responsibility and Damages, Criminal Law

Degree in Law from the Universitat de les Illes Balears in 1991.
Marta Rossell is currently professor of the Masters in Health Law organized by the UIB.

Diploma in Business Studies from the Universitat de les Illes Balears in 1993.

She joined the Association of Lawyers of the Balearic Islands in 1991. In September of the same year she became part of this firm.

She is a specialist in the area of professional indemnity, including medical malpractice. She discovered her vocation for criminal law thanks to the good work of one of her lecturers during her degree. Even though she always imagined herself working in the world of private business away from legal practice as a lawyer, she defines herself as someone who loves the courts. She says that “the more cases you handle, the more this profession draws you in”.

Nothing relaxes her more than going sailing with her family, as she finds the sea a haven where she can escape from modern technologies. Her other weakness  on dry land  is playing tennis, a sport which she has often played since she was a child.

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