Arbitration and Mediation

From mediation to resolve any type of dispute, with the emphasis on out-of-court settlements, to advising on and monitoring of national or international arbitration proceedings.

Tourism Law

We advise companies operating in the tourism sector on judicial and extrajudicial issues. Our extensive experience in the sector enables us to offer effective preventive advice to help avoid disputes among different tourist operators.

New technology and data protection law

We offer consultancy and legal solutions to any company whose business, or part of business, is based on applying and developing technology and digital environments, and protecting the data that each process, service or product generates.

Criminal Law

At Bufete Buades, we pledge to defend the interests of the client in criminal proceedings, whether bringing or defending charges for alleged crimes involving companies or private individuals.

Commercial and Company Law

We ensure that public or private property groups receive comprehensive legal advice on their commercial and financial transactions.

Administrative and Constitutional Law

The Bufete Buades Administrative and Constitutional Law practice area advises business and private clients on their legal relations with the public administration.

International Desk

The Foreign Investments practice area offers a comprehensive advisory service on investments made by legal and natural persons from other countries, acting primarily in questions of international civil and commercial law.

Credit and Bankruptcy Law

This specialist practice area assists all types of business and private clients in claims for monies owed in insolvency situations.

Civil Responsibility and Damages

We offer a legal advisory service on bringing or defending claims in any situation that could give rise to damages compensation.