“Mallorca is paradise, if you can stand it”

CICLO “EMPRESAS Y EMPRESARIOS” del Cercle d'Economia de Mallorca

“Empreses i empresaris” cycle organised by the Cercle d’Economia de Mallorca

With the enigmatic phrase “Mallorca is Paradise, if you can stand it”, which Gertrude Stein said to Robert Graves during an interview in 1929, which left its mark on the British poet as a few months later he docked in the bay of Palma with his family to remain on the island until the end of his life, the Firm’s director, Joan Buades, introduced Barbara Bergman, co-owner of Rialto Living, Camilla Alvérus, director and owner of Paloma Events and Franz Kraus, promoter and director of Fet a Sóller, in the “Empreses i empresaris” cycle, organised by the Cercle d’Economia de Mallorca, on the occasion of the conference held on 18 March this year in Hotel Valparaiso, which brought together several foreign investors who have been living for many years in Mallorca, where they develop and lead successful businesses and projects.

The Chairman, Andreu Rotger Amengual, invited Joan Buades to lead the roundtable, in which he participated actively.

The Cercle d’Economia de Mallorca is an association created in 1994 in response to the need to bring together civil society, contribute to its progress and to social well-being, integrating people and groups based on independence and the defence of general interests. It is a scenario for dialogue and discussion of a plural nature, and is essentially made up of liberal professionals, business people, university lecturers, business executives and senior civil servants. It currently has over 200 members and demonstrates a very noteworthy vitality and social presence. Joan Buades was one of its founders, occupying executive positions since its creation, and was Chairman of the Governing Board from June 2000 to July 2002.

Bárbara Bergman, together with her husband Klas Kall, one of the three creators and designers of the Gant brand, are the founders and owners of Rialto Living, a “lifestyle store” of approximately 800 square metres full of fashion, furniture, books, gifts, accessories, art and a bar, located right in the historic centre of Palma de Mallorca, specifically in the successful calle Sant Feliu. This store offers a lifestyle concept which includes interior design, fashion, art, gift objects and a bar service.

Three years ago, Camilla Alvérus, born in Lapland and resident in Mallorca since 1987, together with a group of collaborators, all of them women, created La Paloma Events, an agency which offers a full service for the organisation, development and successful completion of tailor-made events. The company’s philosophy is summed up in its slogan, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”. This young company is undoubtedly a benchmark in the organisation of corporate events, incentive groups, conventions, conferences and product presentations in Mallorca. Camilla is a woman who is fully integrated into Mallorcan live and who participates in a variety of forums and activities.

Franz Kraus, the third guest, is a German economist who studied in the USA and Germany and worked as a manager in a food multinational. In 1990, when working as a consultant in a food project for a German company, he visited Sóller and was fascinated by the place and its possibilities. In 1994, by then definitively settled in Sóller, he opened the Fabrica dels Gelats  and two years later created Fet a Sóller, an initiative which combines commerce with nature. It is currently one of the most successful companies selling quality food products in Mallorca and is a leader in its sector, with a truly enviable level of exports.

Following the presentation by the chairman, Andreu Rotger, and the introduction given by Joan Buades, the guest speakers explained their personal and professional history, the reason why they reside in Mallorca, the experiences, satisfactions and difficulties they face in their tasks. Next there was a lively round of discussions which continued in the dinner following the conference, which was attended by a group of members of the Cercle.

At the end of the evening, both the chairman, Andreu Rotger, and Joan Buades thanked the guest speakers and expressed their satisfaction with the interest generated by the issues debated and the plural vision which they contributed to the debate.