‘More Personal” with Sandra Erasmo

Sandra Erasmo

Continuing our ‘Más Personal‘ series of interviews, through which we can get to know better members of our management team at Bufete Buades, this time we turn to Sandra Erasmo, who will show us her alter ego away from office routine.

A color

Blue, like the waters of d’es Trenc.

The ideal breakfast is…

Coffee with milk, a fruit and vegetable smoothie, and a slice of Iberian ham. That’s my favorite breakfast.

The best time of day

Sunset and, if possible, viewed from the sea.

A place to get lost

Anywhere in the ocean. No traffic, no cell coverage, and no frenzy.

The best advice you have ever been given

Not to swim against the tide and let go. Literally, a friend told me: “You do not want to die like salmon after spawning, let yourself go with the flow.”

A book, a movie and a song

Memoirs of a Geisha.

I like or I have enjoyed many different movies, although the one I think that marked a before and an after in film was “The Silence of the Lambs.”

The Show Must Go On,” Queen, no doubt in my mind.

When you think of happiness, what images go through your mind?

Traveling with my partner or my children, be it sailing by boat or planning a trip. That makes me totally disconnect from the routine of everyday life.

Your funniest office anecdote

I remember several, but I will mention one that happened to me personally. One day I could see through the surveillance cameras of the office that an individual was robbing us of a very nice decorative plant from our inner staircase. Without hesitating, I ran after him until I caught up to him right here on Jaume III Street, snatching the pot from his hands as we had a heated exchange of words. I didn’t hesitate to stick my neck out, that’s for sure.

A dream to fulfill

To take a year’s sabbatical to sail around the world in my sailboat.